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30 cents for Reporting
I don't like to report anything but when a person steps the line/limits then i even cannot control my self.
This happened a few days ago on BMF> one user spammed me with messages that he needs my help and i need to donate all my coins to him so that he can invest in bitcoins and will return me. I denied him as i don't like these type of things but he still keeps spamming me and troubling me and wrote unusual comments on my profile.
Admin caught him and sends me 150 coins, then again he did that tomorrow and again admin award me 150 coins more. I am not happy to earn with that but sometimes its good to let others learn the lesson. 

What will you do in same situation? 
I really don't think reporting can be a better idea.The only way out is to talk with someone whom you think he's spamming the site and see whether he'll change .
I can't stand with those spamming issue, hope will never face this kind of issue, if not, might consider to take action too, although I don't really like to do so.
We come from different geographical locations and some people are still in the process of learning English well .I'll prefer if you can comfront them first before reporting.
It not a good idea but some times it necessay to keep safe online cos some have dubious act but once there is discepline every one will be careful
yes it happened to me too but i did not report him, i just said you can make this amount by your own, then i did not message me
These reporting rules are good and keep the scammers out of the website and in this way no one will try to game the system
i never report of any one but sometimes people are really un bearabale and we have to take action against him.
I never reported anyone but that person was bothering me a lot and then i was kinda forced to report him
The best idea is first to consult the person and get to hear what he says then if he persists then you can report.
I think i waited and requested that guy to stay away and don't disturb me again and again but looks like he has some other ideas so i think it was best

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