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Promotion for a business
Do you agree that promotion for a certain business is good? Many people say that it is good since it attracts and maintain  the loyalty of a certain employee for a certain establishment.
Promotion is very important for a business and without it the new business cannot flourish and the working one cannot grow further and need to be promoted properly
Promotion for a business is Infact very important. That needs to be done for the business to move to greater levels. I think that different Business have different strategies for promotion.
Promotion is most important for all business houses and they cannot survive without it and also its worth noting that only the popular brands can afford to promote less as they already have a running business.
Promotion is a key to the success of every business, you will realize that some products are more sold out compare to others not because they are of more quality but because of strategies adopted to promote it.
I agree with your ideas because promotion really plays a big role in the success of every business that is why companies should as much as possible continue the promotion aspect of their industry to gain more profit in the future.
Though it kinda expensive, if it should have immediate effect and that is why it is been run by bigger companies majorly, that employs promoters, small business can also do that manually

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